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We help corporations and funded startups research, design, and develop real-time intelligent software to improve their business with data technologies.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence Manage your financial, legal, regulatory, and reputational challenges with key insights from analysts trained in Intelligence Community-based best practices.

With Prescient’s customized research engagements, our mission is to redefine the due diligence process by broadening your access to global data, spotlighting the most pertinent reputational information, and building packages that scale-in based on your budgetary constraints or the level of research required.

Clear Insights, Smarter Business Decisions

Using an Escalation of Services model, Prescient transforms how companies approach due diligence by conducting extensive database and open web research, in an attempt to uncover glaring red flags that may preclude the need to further pursue a potential business deal. As needed, Prescient will then escalate research services all the way up to engaging local investigators who offer the highest degree of corporate scrutiny and informational access.

Whether expanding into new markets, preparing for a major business transaction, or prioritizing regulatory compliance requirements, a strong due diligence effort hinges on access to quality information.



Internal risks and complex disputes requires flexible analysis, especially if critical business decisions hang in the balance. When unconventional situations jeopardize your bottom line or the safety of your employees, having access to a network of investigators can make the difference in executing an effective response.

Investigative Capabilities

Prescient’s global investigative services are conducted by a team of experts specializing in asset searches, fact-finding missions, fraud investigations, social media metadata captures, and, when applicable, discreet local inquiries, document retrievals, and more. With a network of hundreds of investigators in over 60 countries, as well as in-house capabilities for over a dozen languages, our extensive global reach can help untangle complex issues in a variety of different industries.



Protect your time, money and resources by enhancing your company’s cybersecurity programs with human intelligence analysis supported by the latest technology. With Prescient’s Cyber solutions, we supplement your firm’s existing data security infrastructure with specialized investigations that identify these unconventional cyber risks. Using a robust collection of curated tools and technologies, our experts possess the technical know-how to effectively mitigate internal leaks or external intrusions.

Whether assessing data handlers, protecting executives’ digital identities or initiating social media monitoring, Prescient’s cyber analysts will proactively screen for vulnerabilities originating from internal human error or malicious actors. If a breach has already occurred, our investigators will conduct highly-specialized research in deep and dark web sources to locate compromised data and identify possible perpetrators as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity response.



Bespoke Intelligence Solutions

Prescient’s Intelligence Practice offers bespoke research and analysis services for leaders on the global stage. Leveraging experience in the CIA, FBI, technology sector, and investigative journalism, Prescient increases situational awareness for strategic decision makers in business, politics, and public affairs. In addition to Western markets, our regional experts cover critical locales, including the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Uncover Mission Critical Information

Prescient tailors our multi-source research based upon the client’s requirements. We address concerns regarding competitor aggression and opposition networks; analyze market volatility, political instability, and public sentiment; as well as proactively map out threat vectors in market entry situations. Operational Security (OpSec) is essential to our in-house processes and extends to engagement with clients on sensitive matters. Stringent information handling protocols and compartmentalization accompany the development of our research framework.

Cyber Protection Capabilities
Your AI for Cybersecurity Lab

How We Can Help

Innovation flourishes where designers, scientists, developers, and business experts work together.

Research Refine and validate your AI idea

Our scientists will develop tailored machine intelligence algorithms to validate your AI ideas. We analyzed over a 1000 AI use cases, and we can help you find the right one for your business.

Design Build an intelligent software product from scratch

Our product managers, architects, designers and industry experts can help you design a new intelligent product that will perfectly fit your customers' needs.

Develop Build real-time intelligent big data software

We are ready to augment your product team with our engineers and scientists or build a self contained data-intensive module for you: ETL pipeline, ML microservice, or a BI tool.

What People Say

We are very happy to collaborate with They worked closely with us on our data and analytics in our office in Boston. We found them very knowledgeable, professional, result oriented and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend them to their potential clients.

Eugenia Gillan

VP software - JIBO

We had a great collaboration with, and I highly recommend them. Top expertise and outstanding communication.

CEO - WhoKnows

AI-Powered Expertise Discovery for Enterprise.

AI Monsters in Black is the best software development team we’ve ever used. AI Monsters actually deliver extremely high quality on time and under budget. We love their tenancy to think outside of the box and to innovate proactively.

VP Research & Development - Trintech

They feel ownership of the project. It’s a dedication, and it’s a tenacity to quality, and also the thinking outside of the box. They are looking beyond the problem, they are looking at a bigger picture all the time, which is really helpful to us

Executive VP - Trintech

I can't say enough, what a pleasure it has been working with you on this project. I have worked with many external contractors over the years and have never had a project go more smoothly. I do hope we can work together again in the future.

Project Manager - Intouch Solutions

We are very impressed with AI Monsters in Black team's ability to transform our vision into a functional application. We are very excited that AI Monsters in Black will help us scope our future endeavors. AI Monsters in Black assistance in this will be of tremendous value and our success. I trust in team's capacity to complete all outstanding features and functionality. We are looking forward to moving on to the next release and future endeavors with

Director of Engineering - Cisco Systems exhibited unparalleled professionalism towards us and our project. I am 100% satisfied with their work.

CEO and Founder -

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BigARTM is an open source state-of-the-art topic modelling tool, based on a novel technique called Additive Regularization of Topic Models. This technique effectively builds multi-objective models by adding the weighted sums of regularizers to the optimization criterion.

iPavlov project

The DeepPavlov project is an infrastructural R&D project implemented by the Conversational AI Foundation (CAIF) in order to overcome the technological barrier in the field of conversational intelligence through creation of technological steck for dialog systems development and introduction it into business practices. iPavlov is focused on improvement the quality of dialogue with a virtual agent (understanding the user's replicas, understanding of the current state of the dialogue, managing the dialogue and flexible response generation) through the construction and end-to-end training of conversational architectures.





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San Francisco is the birthplace of the Silicon Valley. This is where AI Monsters in Black settled 3 years ago. Enchanted by the innovation aura of Stanford university, monsters are working hard to bring artificial intelligence and real-time big data to life.

AI Monsters in Black are frequent guests and sponsors of machine learning events and conferences. We run ML events and help with the series of By The Bay conferences.

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